stereotypes - our daily bread

Facebook kills the relationships. You probably heard it before. But there is also positive thing about Facebook. You can see the peoples reactions, the way they express themselves when they think nobody could see…

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diary 1: about him making it painful

For all those people who are going to read this because of the title, this article IS NOT about having sex with a virgin. So if you dont have any other motivation to read it, then please, just dont. Thanks.

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Ako zbaliť slečnu z východnej Európy

Napriek prevládajúcemu presvedčeniu slovenských žien, že talianski muži sa správajú ako oldschool džentlmeni po vzore talianskeho filmu spred dvadsiatich rokov, opak je pravdou. Musím ale pridať poznámku, že…

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how to be a true italian.... ehm... true sardinian. lecture one

So how to be a true Italian, ehm.... excuse me, true Sardinian (lecture number one and I deeply appologize to all the local people here in Cagliari who I love, because they are so fine, but in minority. I dedicate…

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