how to be a true italian.... ehm... true sardinian. lecture one

Autor: Daniela Bieliková | 28.3.2012 o 2:09 | (upravené 28.3.2012 o 2:28) Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  119x

So how to be a true Italian, ehm.... excuse me, true Sardinian (lecture number one and I deeply appologize to all the local people here in Cagliari who I love, because they are so fine, but in minority. I dedicate this to all the people here without even basic RESPECT.

1) Never close the door of the toilettes behind your ass when leavin it, coz for sure the people standin in the hall want to see whats goin on inside.
2) When u see somebody who is definately NOT Italian, point with the finger at him and look at him with proper disgust in your face. 
3) When there are foreign people around u, speak about them loud, for sure they cannot understand a word in italian (but yes, we can!!!). 
4) If u are a man, try to touch the foreign girls even on the street. They arent locals, so for sure u have the right to do it (some whores from Eastern Europe, pfffff). 
5) Make loud comments about their clothes, face, hair all the time, how could they even wear shorts when its 25 degrees outside?! Its march, so they should wear proper winter jacket as u do.. (fokers, were from russia so we have summer already!!!) 
6) Drive furiously and be nervous even when u are able to see, that the car in front of yours is foreign and has got NON-Italian number. Try to show him/her, who is the local boss!

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