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Facebook kills the relationships. You probably heard it before. But there is also positive thing about Facebook. You can see the peoples reactions, the way they express themselves when they think nobody could see them and nobody will put them to danger because of what they say, ehm, what they write. This is dedicated to all that people, who are keepin being rude as hell and who are fans of puttin different people in certain boxes representing stereotypes. (So it means, you can even see the people before u meet them in real, so it helps you to have a picture of their *social* behavior.)

So.... I met a person in here, in Sardegna. He is nice, kind, well behaved, with that kind of oldschool manners. And he wants me to meet his friends. I was lookin forward to it, but maybe I changed my mind today. Because they inspired me to write this article (what isnt very positive, as u may already know).

I already wrote some stuff about the people in Sardegna being rude. And yes, I pissed of some people too, because thats the thing I am good at. Yes, I keep writing negative stuff, because it is the way how I deal with the anger inside of me. If I dont write it, I would probably run around this city screaming YOURE ALL F**KERS HERE, GO TO HELL!!! (Would this be censored by admins?) So I still think, that even if I make u mad at me, this is a better way how to do the psycho-hygiene.

We had a great weekend, we got drunk on saturday night dancing, talkin bullsh*t and listening to black music. I am sorry if I offend somebody, not black music, but rap. I love this music, I love the style, I love almost everything about it. Does that mean, that I am not a grown up or not adult enough?

Hell yeah, I love to be dressed in baggy trousers and high sneakers, with the new era cap on my head. Actually, I always wanted to buy a new era and I did it here, because I found a special one. So we spent saturday nite makin jokes about gangsta stuff, about rapping. And of course, we made pics of wearing new era cap. I posted pics on Facebook, as I always do. And yes, the friends of HIM started to comment it. I understand, that people make jokes about the *gangsta* clothes, because people who wear them here in Sardegna are usually teenagers, skaters or so called GAGGI people. Yes, that are the people, who are uneducated, basically stupid, making noise all the time (but thats a stereotype which is common for all Italians), speaking in slang, tattooed..... We all know these stereotypes. We have these people also in Slovakia (maybe theyre even a little worse than here). But my question is.... if I wear new era cap, does that automatically mean, that I have to belong to this *lower* class? Lots of people are dressed in baggy trousers and it is not about being in jail trying to kill the others with your belt, right? (Im just guessing how many of you, locals, would understand the point of JAIL and BELT together) Does that mean, that when I am wearing the trousers and sneakers and listening to rap music, that I have to belong to GAGGI?

I bet, that most of the people here think that way. It would not make me that angry, if its only about the people in gangsta clothes. But, I have to say, that here it is about all. About everything. What you wear, what you listen to, what you read (ehm, sorry, I forgot that you dont read that much), how you speak, what you eat, how you walk, what car you drive.... I already mentioned the people looking at us, foreigners, in a BAD way, pointing with fingers on us, making stupid comments about us in our presence. Yes, but that isnt all. It amazes me, that when a group of educated people with university degrees see a picture of their friend with a new era cap on his head, the very first reaction is to write, that he looks like he is one of GAGGI. Really? Is this the way you really think? Then there is no difference between you and the people on the street, who are annoying us all the time by being rude. Because YOU are mentioning a stereotype, which is not very nice to say. YOU feel really offended, when I say, that Sardinians are basically rude people without manners, who do not speak any other language than Italian or Sardo (or mixed) and are so ignorant, that they hate everything what seems to be at least a little different than you are.

How should I feel then? Not offended by you saying that new era is *gaggi* style? Not offended by your jokes? You will probably say, that we are the people from Eastern Europe who do  not understand your innocent jokes. Yes, I do understand and I even do understand, that you meant it as jokes. But the point is the usage of stereotypes, which is not correct. It is basically not a proper way how to joke about this. And my *bullsh*t tollerance* how we call it, is reduced on minimum by the people here, who are actin weird, who are hating us so much just because we are dressed in a different way and we speak different language.

What about stereotypes you are using all the time? The *ragazzi neri* about the guys who are selling stuff on beaches and parking places? The *easy girls from Eastern Europe* who are easy to get and just enjoying their time here? What about to say, that Sardinians are uneducated and all they do is that they feed the goats and are being lazy? Would you like that?

Yes, I am driving the car with loud rap music inside, rappin to myself sometimes and being crazy. Yes, I love *gangsta* clothes without belonging to the lower GAGGI class. I have a big dog but I really dont belong to that *guys-with-pittbulls-showing-of*. I do dress in a different way, sometimes weird and sometimes crazy, sometimes smart and sometimes gangsta. Wearing a new era cap does not mean at all, that I am not educated. I am. I even speak more languages than my native one, is that a miracle for you?

And at the end, I always remember in these situations, when the girls on the street are pointing at my pink adidas jumper with such a disgust in their faces, that in Pretty Woman the wh*re comes to the luxury shop to buy a dress and they send her to hell coz she is a prostitute and it automatically means that she is not a customer for them. I remember working in a shopping mall (it was Carrefour in Bratislava when I was at high school) and I remember very well the wh*res coming to buy condoms, really surprised that I treated them in the same way as the other customers. I have to even admit, that they were much more kind than the majority of RUDE Slovaks coming to do some shopping during the weekend.

It is not about innocent jokes, its about the principle. So do not judge the people please. Do not put the people in boxes, because you are just not able to understand them. I even try not to judge you, when youre wearing that disgusting HOGAN shoes.....



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